Hasami Porcelain Incense

Hasami Porcelain Incense

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Hasami Porcelain teamed up with Nippon Kodo, one of Japan's best-known incense makers, to create these incredible smelling Japanese incense

We offer two different scents, sandalwood and aloeswood.

The Aloeswood scent is a blend of sweet Aloeswood and Chinese medicinal herbs which offers a lovely woody scent that's relaxed and calming.

The Sandalwood is a blend of Sandalwood and Chinese medicinal herbs that fill your room with a mellow, woody scent, producing a calming, relaxed atmosphere.

These incense are all handcrafted in Japan and have a burn time of roughly 20 minutes per incense.

24 incense sticks

20 minute burn time

4" glass tube with cork top

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