Hand Woven Bilum Bag - Shoulder Tie

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Hand Woven Bilum Bag - Shoulder Tie

Bilums from natural fibers are hand-woven using a traditional weaving technique.

The barks, reeds, or vines are bitten, dried, and are twisted by placing the fibers on the weavers thigh and are rolled in a backward and forward motion with their hands.

The twisted fibers are then hand-woven into bags. This process takes a few months.

Traditionally, bilums were used to transport goods and babies. They are very versatile and can carry huge weights and are expandable.

Unique to Papua New Guinea

Color - The colors of the hand-woven fibers are unique and vary due to the nature of the plant reeds.

- Measurements taken while laying flat - 

Length: (crescent shape) approximately 16 inches across

Handle Length: approximately 11 inches per strap