1973 “Healing Ourselves” Book

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1973 “Healing Ourselves” Book

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150 pages

Naboro Muramoto has been studying Oriental medicine for decades. This book is based on his lectures on the West Coast. Each lecture has an introduction and includes additional material that expands and connects the various concepts for the reader. In addition, it includes introductory chapters which introduces Muramoto and his works.

Traditional Asian medicine does not conceive of the body in parts; it considers the organ a part of the whole, and disease a deterioration of the entire body-system. Its highest practitioners reflect constantly upon the role of man in this world and the role of disease in this life. They know that our bodies are inseparable from the soil that feeds us. The earth, the plants it produces, the animals, and mankind are all interrelated. Based on its assumption that the body is an organic whole, Oriental medicine has names for only about 100 types of diseases, the others simply fall into general categories. By realizing this unity, and by briefly studying the Yin-Yang principle, we can more easily learn the methods for healing ourselves.