Handmade Sculpture Wall Basket (Presale restock 8/15)

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Handmade Sculpture Wall Basket

Handmade Woman Owned Fair Trade Made and Respectfully sourced  in Sierra Norte, Puebla

The Material from which these are made is from an endemic tree found in the northern hills of Pueble., locally known as “Jonote”. The weaving of these baskets is done ny experienced artisans, especially elderly women of the village. After the Jonote fiber is extracted from the bark of the tree, artisans them soak for 25 days so the the strands soften (water changed daily). Finally, it is left in the sun in order to dry so they can start to weave and create these functional and aesthetic jewels

Dimensions and coloring will vary a little since these are handmade

21in longx13in widex12in deep