Self Care Subscription

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How many of us forget to self care? What if I told you we can take care of that? Self care is essential for our overall wellbeing and must be intentioned by self. It’s so easy to get busy with the everyday caring for others, schoolwork, and life in general that self care often gets forgot. I often find when I feel the most blue is when I am not intentional about caring for myself. This subscription is perfect for yourself or for a friend that may be forgetting to self care.

Your subscription will vary every month, but may include candles, tea, maybe a little vintage something, stickers, pins, patches, incense, crystals, and bath salts, and always an inspirational message.

Shipping for all 3 months of boxes is included in the price. We will ship out monthly around the date of purchase, for 3 months and you will receive a shipping confirmation email each time that we ship!