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For every bag of coffee you purchase, Sundream removes one pound of trash from oceans and beaches



Light & Bright

TASTING NOTES: Sweet Citrus | Honey | Cacao Nib

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: From our casa to yours, this is the blend that started it all. A cup of CASA is sweet and bright, combining balanced notes of zesty citrus with honeyed cacao. As Sundream's flagship blend - this is the founders' favorite, and their favorite way to drink it is over ice on a hot day.



TASTING NOTES: Toasted Coconut | Sugar Cane 

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Close your eyes and dive on in... we're taking you to flavor island where the coffee flows & the livin' is easy! Waking up on the sunny side has never been easier - with notes of toasted coconut and the subtle sweetness of sugar cane you'll be kicking back with no plans but to soak up the sun with this easy drinking java.

Berry-Foreward & Juicy
TASTING NOTES: Blueberry Scone | Sugar Cane

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Easy like summer mornings. A cup of Zuma is as smooth as a weekend coastal cruise in Malibu. The Hondouras component of this coffee is instantly tasted in your first sip with a vibrant blueberry tartness. This is quickly followed by a balanced sweetness and ends with a clean and juicy finish. So roll those windows down, take another sip & shine on.


Sweet & Balanced

TASTING NOTES: Milk Chocolate | Graham | Apricot

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Inspired by our local surf break, the Topaz blend has the spirit of an epic beach day in mind. It's classically sweet and undeniably inviting with a creamy milk chocolate-like body with hints of graham and a bright stone fruit finish.


Rich & Full Bodied

TASTING NOTES: Blackberry | Fudge | S'mores

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: When s’mores are among the tasting notes, can you really go wrong? Introducing Terra, meaning “earth”, this blend was crafted with extra care resulting in an incredibly balanced coffee that comforts with every sip. If you tend to lean toward a more full-bodied coffee, this is your jam. It is berry forward with a touch of roast and layered with rich chocolatey notes throughout.


Sweet & Balanced

TASTING NOTES: Toffee | Nutty | Warm Spice

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Introducing GOLD! Our NEW Seasonal blend with a toffee-forward taste profile - full of comforting cozy vibes in every sip.  It's earthy and overflowing with layered spice notes and finishes with a  caramelized sweetness that makes this an extraordinarily unique cup of coffee. We recommend enjoying the Gold blend cozied up under a soft blanket while siping from your favorite mug.