Sustainability Starter Kit- Kitchen

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Sustainability Starter Kit- Kitchen

Perfect for your sustainable journey or to give as a gift to a loved one.

We believe in sustainability. It is essential that we source products that are not only kind to the earth, but kind to other humans as well.

The kitchen can be a great place to start when it comes to sustainable goods. A Typical sponge that you get from the store release synthetics and micro plastics into our water and pollute and damage our fragile ecosystems. The same is for microfiber cleaning cloths and plastic kitchen items.

We have designed the sustainable started kit to not only help with sustainable kitchen clean up but the messy parts as well.

All goods in this kit are sourced ethically and sustainable. The brushes are made by a brand that employs disabled peoples to make them. These items can be purchased individually, but if you buy the kit, you save 10% on the cost and save on shipping.

Your kit will include:

1X Handmade Pottery stoneware colander 

1x Handmade Wood and natural fiber Dish Brush

1x Handmade Wood and natural fiber Pan Brush (for stubborn pans)

1x Handmade Wood and Natural fiber vegetable brush

1X Handmade Wood and Natural fiber Glass Brush

1x Sustainable cotton kitchen Towel Set