Ultra Rare First Edition “Before the Hand of Man” Book

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Ultra Rare First Edition “Before the Hand of Man” Book

by Roy Dean



before the hand of man is a photo essay that is very much a part of the New World of ecology end of man’s discovery of the beauties of nature. How lovely was the earth before the hands of man could leave its mark

against these backgrounds of Hawaii, Big Sur, British Columbia, Arizona, Utah, and Lake Powell, he poses five outstanding models representing the stages of Man from Carefree youth to vigorous maturity.

taken together, the natural beauty and the models and Mr. Dean’s artistry give the viewer A breathtaking trip into a time of innocence before man learned the meaning of evil, into a precious, unforgettable world where we are in imminent danger losing

condition: very good vintage condition, no rips on any of the pages, the dust cover is in really great condition with the exception of a few small waves on the edges and the hard cover under the dust jacket is an perfect condition

Width: 9.25in

Length: 12.5in

103 pages