Yarrow Smoke Stick

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Handmade, Wild Sourced


White Yarrow, Yellow Yarrow, hemp rope, good spirit

🌼 Yarrow - Courage, Love, Weddings, Blessings, Psychic Powers, Exorcism, Divination, Purification, Cleansing 
Protects from negative energy, induces lucid dreaming, encourage peace and serenity, aids in the acquisition of wisdom.
Yarrow an aromatic herb used in Smudge Sticks and intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it.
Yarrow helps eliminate toxins from the body during the burning process.

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In the process of their ritual burning you are connecting with the divine, raise vibrations and clear energy, and it’s a beautifully refreshing and cleansing experience that is essentially like taking an energetic shower. The colorful dried flowers in these bundles are like a beautiful flower offering for the Universe!

Some great times to energetically cleanse yourself and your space before and after someone enters your home , when the energy feels stale, after sickness or conflict, before meditation or ritual, during the new moon or are starting on a new project. It may be purifying, help boost your energy levels, help relieve the symptoms of some conditions, help dispel negative energy, cleanse or empower specific objects, improve your mood, help soothe stress, improve the quality of your sleep, help boost cognition...

* the smudges are sent freshly dried and READY to burn, bound with hemp

* measuring approximately 18 cm. / 7 inches in length

* they all resemble, but are unique

Dried herbs are from my garden 🌺 and the surrounding meadows and forests, near the Mediterranean, where sometimes come savory rains, even sandy winds from the Sahara 🌙. Тhe region is under the protection of the UNESCO. My herbs are always collected at the right time, when they reach their zenith of medical and magical properties, and dried completely natural to clean air and kept in a dark and dry place.
Herbs in my organic garden I grow with great care and love and they are 100% natural, organic, hand-collected and dried in an Eco-friendly environment. 🌎