Hello dear ones!

We are Philip and Danielle, founders and owners of Jo and June! We met in 2006 and became fast friends, a little less than a year later we became a couple and have been together ever since!

In 2015 we opened Jo and June in our first full time brick and mortar shop of just 600 square feet!

Within a few years we decided we needed more room and moved a block down the road to where we are now!

We came up with the name Jo and June from our great grandmothers! Danielle's great grandmother's name was June and Philip's was Josephine, she also went by Jo!

They both decorated their homes with the neatest things and in a way taught us that brand new isn't always better! Older things were made to last!

At Jo and June we not only carry vintage goods but also handmade and unique artisan goods from all over the world. We strive our hardest to make sure that everything we carry at the shop is ethically and sustainably sourced! We also strive to make sure that any leather goods carried in the shop come from vintage or recycled leather as we are both vegan and want to carry that into our business as it is a huge part of our lives!

We love each other, humanity, all other animals and living beings, our beautiful mother earth and we sure as heck love vintage!

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