Gua Sha Stone

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Gua Sha Stone

Please note each piece is unique and will vary in size and coloring

3 inches long x 2 inches wide


Stimulates circulation: One pilot study found that gua sha can stimulate circulation in targeted areas. Anecdotal evidence has found that it could also help ease the appearance of cellulite by lowering fluid retention—though there's not quite enough science to back that up.

Helps produce collagen: Anecdotal evidence has found that gua sha can help decrease puffiness and soften fine lines and wrinkles by helping the body produce more collagen—thereby brightening the complexion.

Decreases inflammation: Science has found that gua sha can help temporarily relieve pain and tightness in certain parts of the body—even leading to results that last. Those studies suggest that gua sha has an impact on inflammation (which often leads to pain).

Diminishes dark circles: By helping soften fine lines and stimulating collagen, gua sha can help diminish dark circles (at least, temporarily) and temporarily tighten skin.

Sculpts facial muscles: Used on the jawline and cheekbone area, gua sha can help release tight facial muscles and give the temporary appearance of a more sculpted face. It won't get rid of a double chin (it can't target fat), but it could help ease puffiness in the short term.

How to Use:

Apply a quarter size puddle of facial oil and then use the tool over my entire face, neck, and décolletage. An easy, feather-like stroke of a gentle facial gua sha technique is all it takes to flush the lymph into your body’s drainage system.

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