Handcrafted Small Batch Simple Syrups

Handcrafted Small Batch Simple Syrups

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Handcrafted Small Batch Simple Syrups

pH (pink house) alchemy


all products are made with organic, local, or responsibly sourced ingredients

recyclable glass bottle


Mexican Chile

chile de arbol, cassia chips, vanilla bean, citric acid


lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme

Pumpkin Butternut Spice

cinnamon, cardamom, butternut purée, pumpkin purée, brown sugar

Hibiscus Rose

hibiscus flowers, rose hips

Vanilla Bean

vanilla extract, organic vanilla beans


lavender with mint and citrus aromas

pH Delight

rich vanilla, spicy cinnamon, earthy honey


fresh ginger root, dried ginger

Winter Mint

fresh peppermint, wintergreen, and spearmint

Toasted Caramel

warm nutty notes of the sugar cane