Intermediate Channeling & Transmutation Zine

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Intermediate Channeling & Transmutation is a 7-day, intensive awareness course designed to transform negative emotion into personal power.

Transmutation, as it is defined in this guide, refers to the transformation of one frequency of energy into another. When you notice an emotion, you have a choice what you do with that energy. We humans have built up a tremendous tolerance for negative emotions. We tend to bury them, or ignore them completely by continuing to perpetuate thoughts and actions that bring them about. But when we disassociate from our emotions, we miss out on an opportunity to use them to our advantage.

This workbook teaches you how to transmute negative emotion into personal power. Turn the lead of grudges into the gold of forgiveness with a Spell for Weightlessness. Switch from wanting circumstances to knowing they exist with a Spell for Manifestation. Embrace uncertainty with a Spell for Fearlessness. Take your alchemical skills to the next level with a Spell for Non-action and a Spell for Love.

When presented with the possibility of altering one’s emotions, a common question is, “How?” There’s no simple answer. While the exercises in this workbook will give you a road map, only you will know if it’s working. This can make the work of the alchemist a bit alienating. To whom does one turn to synthesize what she’s learning? This need for guidance is why we’ve included two channeling exercises in the course as well. When you don’t know where else to turn for advice on how to feel the way you want to feel, turn within. Convene with your inner guides with a Spell for Good Advice and find what you think is missing with Spell for Connection.