Rare First Edition "A Promise of Change" Book

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Rare First Edition "A Promise of Change" Book

Written in 1979 by gay author Walter Rinder, unfortunately because of his Hippie world views and queerness, most of the book he wrote only had one printing and some went unpublished and/or unsold. 

About the Author:

"I tried to write simple. I was trying to use simple words, not intellectual and all that. Because I wanted to reach the simplest of people and young people especially, because they have their whole life ahead of them. So I used simple words and I tried to do that to reach the young people who are starting out in life and building their future. So that's why, when intellectuals read my books they say 'oh how trite that writing is' - it isn't. I'm reaching the people I want to reach"

Publisher: Celestial Arts

Pages: 128 Pages

Condition: Excellent usable condition, all pages are intact, there just some light yellowing from age

Width: 5.5 inches

Height: 8.5 inches